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    Kundalini Stress Release Kriya

    Did you know that each of us have a reserve capacity allowing us to reach our destination, despite the snowstorm at hand? This Kundalini Kriya will aid us in pushing through what Yogi Bhajan referred to as the “snowstorm” you find yourself amidst right now. Our energy can be flowing, we can be eating well, sleeping enough, but if our adrenals fail, it is hard to keep up. We get tired and snappy. Glandular balance, and in particular, strong adrenals and kidneys are important to have that extra edge, to control anger and hypoglycemia. Without strong adrenals and kidneys, the heart can not function well. This class focuses on a combination of asanas mixed with pranayamas and mantra to create heat in the adrenals and burn out any blocked energy there. The more powerful your breath during this kriya, the more cleansing will occur of the blocked energy in your adrenals. We start the class with a simple exercise to sync the mind and body, move on to using Breath of Fire to cleanse the blood and move the energy in the body. Then we will use the mantra, “Har” which is defined as one of the aspects of the Universal Force/ God (the creative infinite potential). Next we will stretch the spine and the pelvis to generate more heat in the body and move the energy up the spine. Lastly and most importantly we end with a deep relaxing savasana, which I invite you to stay in for as long as you can to soak up all the benefits in the body.