The Focused Yogi

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Koya Webb Yoga

The Holistic Yogi

With Koya Webb

Style Hatha
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Duration: 2 Weeks / 24 Classes
The Holistic Yogi is a 24-class Hatha Yoga program by Koya Webb designed to be taken over a 2-week period. Each...

Koya Webb

The Focused Yogi

Style Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

The Focused Yogi is all about long holds and balancing poses. Working with your ujaii breath will help keep focus as you hold these balancing poses from 3-5 breaths. In this 60-minute full body class Koya teaches how to get into some of her favorite poses, elephant trunk and peacock.

Focus poses Balancing PosesElephant TrunkPeacock / Mayurasana
Muscles & joints Full Body